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[Best] 9 Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Support Social for Small Businesses

[Best] 9 Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses


Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses 2017: Social Media has brought about unprecedented changes in the business landscape, with it a plethora of opportunities and unlimited challenges. Here are the 9 Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses, which when practised  helps the small businesses to make the most of the opportunities offered, and face the challenges posed by Social Media.

The internet has ushered the era of disruptive change. This change has completely leveled the business landscape. This change is further amplified by the emergence of Social Media Marketing as a preferred platform for communication and connection, with and among consumers.

For small businesses, this has opened up plethora of opportunities to grow and succeed in highly competitive markets. The entry barriers are brought down making it easy for businesses to enter into various markets.

The small businesses which were early to recognize the potential of Social Media  ave made significant progress in terms of leveraging the potential of this medium.

Firms backed up by leadership which is passionate, committed and courageous have evolved into market leaders.

However, not everything is rosy about Social Media Marketing. There are many challenges which the firms need to overcome to succeed in achieving its Social Media Marketing objectives.

These are 9 tips that Small Businesses must put into practice to overcome the challenges and realize its objectives through Social Media Marketing.

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Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

9 Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses


Best Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses:

1.Choose the right platform :

Identify the platform in which the firm’s audience are present. Choose one or two platforms. Remember, time is money in Social Media, and you cannot afford to spend your time managing multiple platforms.

According to Jia Wertz, Contributor, Forbes Magazine, choosing a right Social Media platform requires some homework upfront, but that due diligence can save hours in payroll costs and even eliminate unnecessary roles for the team.

She further adds that finding where the company fits on this spectrum and spending majority of time on the two or three platforms that will yield the best results is a far more advantageous option than trying to capitalize on all platforms and getting mediocre results.

2.Have a Social Media Strategy in place

Small businesses need to have a comprehensive social media strategy to succeed in social media marketing.

Social Media strategy is a statement of intent, outlining the goals, platforms, tools and measurable objectives for using social media, as well as the results you wish to obtain.

So before planning anything like your content or best times to post, think about the strategy first.

According to Sejal Parekh, Brand and Creative Strategist, the bravest part of devising a successful social strategy is consciously deciding where not to be and why.

3.Have a message

All the communications should have a message to the customer. The message should be clearly communicated in all the communication.

According to Kim McLaughlin, Founder, Lyra Communications, there’s no need to create a whole roster of new key messages for the social efforts and the team should never wing it.

She further states that the posts should focus on conveying what is already treated as important in your strategy and in a way that your brand defines as per you strategy.

4.Be Consistent

Be consistent in the approach to social media marketing . Whether it is time of posting, content or message, consistency is the key to establishing strong and lasting relationships.

According to Réanne Chamberland, Consultant, Deschenes Regnier, brand consistency is very important for a successful social media presence and the most recognizable companies in the world do a very good job at keeping their branding consistent across all platforms.

He further adds that the content, tone, and voice, should reflect the branding and feel of the business and the message the business wants to send to the audience. Make sure you Pick a style, a voice, and a look and stick to it.

5.Value engagement over numbers

Remember ‘Social’ in ‘Social Media Marketing’. Value engagement more than the impressions or likes.

According to Fred Scholl, Rhino Digital Media, there’s much more to social media engagement than simply accumulating a greater number of followers, or getting them to like your page in exchange for something like a coupon for a free sample.

He further says that the value in using the social networks is that we get to interact on a personal level, and form something of relationships with our clientele, including those we hope will become future customers.

6.Listen to your customers

Have an eye on what the customer is saying on the Social Media. It is the key to learning and improvement.Social listening is an empowering feedback tool.

According to Lisa Wirthman, Forbes, while marketing pushes information out, to truly understand customers, companies have to start by taking information in.

She further says that Social media is where customers are choosing to give feedback, ask for help and make complaints and companies that want to be included in those conversations will need to recognize that social media is not just a great place for telling customers a story, but for listening to theirs as well.

7.Use tools for managing

Optimize your social media marketing efforts by using various tools available for Social Media Management.

Whether it is the use of designing tools, scheduling tools or tracking tools, efficiency matters in Social Media Marketing.

According to Jeff Bulas, Popular Influencer on Social Media, the only way for businesses to effectively manage social media is with the use of social media management tools that can improve the efficiency, and over time get better results.

8.Be creative

Use bold and creative content to differentiate from the noise. It helps you escape from the Social Media clutter.

According to Brian Lovelace, Author, Hawkemedia, running successful campaigns constantly involves creativity in social media and creativity does not come overnight.

Further he says that creativity does not come from doing the same thing over and over again. For him, creativity comes from trying new things and learning from those experiences; whether the experiences are positive or negative.

9.Be focused

Be focused on your goals. Deviation results in dilution of the effort which undermines the achievement of the objectives.

According to Margaret Dawson, Chief Marketing Officer, Rival IQ, marketers are bullied into thinking they need to be everywhere and do everything.

But to prove focus is the right thing, marketers should be prepared to provide the data and analysis that shows it. She adds, your “gut” is a good start, but it’s not enough.


Social Media Marketing is the new imperative for small businesses and the key contributor to firm’s success in the ever changing business landscape. For professional assistance in your Social Marketing efforts, please visit us www.SupportSocial.in

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