SupportSocial is a strategy and marketing consultancy that helps business grow online. We offer Social Media Management, Social Media Advertising and Search Engine Optimization services to our clients.

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Social Media Advertising

Amplify your presence and accelerate your growth. By targeting clients with clinical precision and personalized campaigns, we help amplify your presence. With 100% result oriented approach, your growth is assured.

Social Media Advertising

We help you grow your brand. We help you connect with your audience. We plan and implement sophisticated advertising campaigns to generate immediate results. Our advertising services will allow you to come out with targeted campaigns with clinical precision, making it very cost effective.

In a nutshell,

  1. We help you spend your resources in a wise and cost-effective means
  2. We help you choose the exact demographic and target them.
  3. We help you generate the results very fast.

How do we do this ?

We identify you needs and define advertising objectives

Develop an advertising strategy for your business

Create and launch engaging campaign

Monitor response and optimize

Report the progress

Support Social for Small Businesses

Why choose SupportSocial for your social media strategy?

We know our business.

We have people who have extensive knowledge in the domains of Marketing management, Business Strategy, Advertising & Social Media Marketing. We have practical experience in successfully formulating and implementing social media strategies.

We are available

We are always available for our clients, 24 x 7.

We are responsive

We value time, and assure all our clients immediate response for their problems and queries

We are result oriented

Our results speak for us. All our activities are measured & evaluated for their effectiveness & efficiency.

We offer low-risk contracts

We believe in delivering value to our customers. If you think that we did not add value, you are free to end the contract with 30 day notice (electronic or written)

We offer you more for your money:

We don’t insist on retainers instead we want you to invest the same in campaigns. We want you to grow, and this will help you.