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How Social Media is Useful for Healthcare Professionals?

How Social Media is Useful for Healthcare Professionals?

Social Media is revolutionizing the way in which companies are connecting and engaging with the customers. Many businesses have realized the potential of Social Media, and have joined the Social Media bandwagon.  Having realized the potential of Social Media, the healthcare professionals are finding new and innovative methods to use the same for their industry.

To start with, Social Media provides an excellent platform for engaging with the patients and relatives. Patients are also using Social Media to find the doctors to cure their illnesses. Lack of presence on Social Media may severely undermine the chances of the doctor being approached by the patient. Patients and their relatives tend to seek information from Social Media, and also look at the reviews about the doctor and the treatment offered by him.  With growing number of customers using Social Media, it has become the new imperative for health care professionals.

The 10 ways Social Media can be useful for Healthcare Professionals are,

  • Share information quickly and communicate to the patients and relatives
  • Provide updates on new technologies and new treatment options.
  • Answer patient queries regarding treatment, medicines and processes.
  • Deliver general information pertaining to measures to be taken for pre-operative and post-operative care.
  • To monitor the competitors and gain insight into industry best practices.
  • To understand, define and implement quality in healthcare services.
  • To train and develop their employees by offering relevant content through social media platforms
  • For providing live updates during procedures to the teams involved`, consultants, and relatives of patients.
  • Communicate in the time of crisis (disease outbreaks) and spread awareness by maximizing the reach. Releasing Healthcare bulletins for alerting the public, updating them on latest developments, and share information passed on by organizations like WHO, Centre for Disease Control, etc
  • Soliciting feedback and suggestions for improvement.

However, there is a word of caution for all Healthcare professionals using social media. Since, the privacy of the patient is legally guarded, proper care should be taken while using social media. While using Social Media, it is important to distribute clear social networking policies to employees. Health care professionals should avoid any discussion of patients, even in general terms in public. Further, they should prominently post their policies and procedures on all social media platforms. A well planned and executed Social Media presence can be a valuable asset for those engaged in Healthcare Industry.

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