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Go live with a Guest – Instagram Unveils New Option

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Go live with a Guest – Instagram Unveils New Option

You can now go live with along with your friend. Instagram has unveiled a new option to cater to the needs of its young target population. The new feature is a brand new addition to the existing features of this exciting platform. According to Instagram, this feature helps you share in an authentic way, but you may sometimes find it intimidating when you’re on your own. Starting today, Instagram is testing a fun way to go live with a friend. Now, you can hang out and go live together, whether you’re just doing homework or catching up on your day.

Right now, the new live guests feature is only being tested on small group of people. According to Andrew Hutchinson of Social Media Today, if the option is available to you then you can add a guest to our Instagram Live stream by simply tapping on the new ‘two-face’ icon at the bottom of our screen during a broadcast. You can then invite anyone who’s watching to join. Once a person joins, the screen is split into two equally-sized blocks. Viewers will be able to see you and your guest, and interact as normal, via the comments.
Now Go Live with Your Friend on Instagram…For a detailed read.. Click Here
Source : Social Media Today

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