SupportSocial is a strategy and marketing consultancy that helps business grow online. We offer Social Media Management, Social Media Advertising and Search Engine Optimization services to our clients.

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A growth support initiative

We @SupportSocial believe that a small amount of timely support could accelerate the growth of small businesses, helping them take a giant leap into a future of unending possibilities. Through our growth support initiative, Aastha, we connect with small business owners, understand their business, empathize with their problems, and join them in finding solutions. We don’t hold their hands. We help them find the right path and walk with them. We are there for them as long as they need us. We do not believe in making a great deal of noise with empty words. We take pride in making a palpable contribution to our client's business and success.

What do we do?

We offer a range of consultancy services to small-businessowners on strategy, problem-solving, and developing skills. We help business owners find answers to questions that they find difficult to answer on their own. We bring clarity to their vision, give structure to their dreams, help them realize their true potential, and provide a layout for success. We provide the following consultancy services to small business owners.

Business Strategy and Growth Consultancy:

We work with small businesses at every stage of their business cycle. We ask the right questions and join them in finding the right answers. Are you moving in the right direction? Are you taking advantage of the favorable conditions in the external environment? What is stopping you from doing or achieving things that you intend to do or achieve? Do you sufficiently understand and respond to market forces? Do you have a plan for the future? We help them define a clear vision, prepare a road map to achieve all that they set out to achieve, monitor their progress, and provide them with accurate and timely feedback.

Management Consultancy:

Small businesses generally tend to be person-centric, limiting their growth and development. We help them move away from being person-centric. We work with small business owners to identify the right people, design the right systems and processes, and formulate the right policies. We are committed to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their operations/services. We help companies with benchmarking which is useful in evaluating and prioritizing improvement opportunities. We help identify the right metrics to gauge their performance.We help them overcome challenges, accelerate growth, and increase profits.

Marketing and Sales Consultancy:

Using our thought leadership and expertise, we help small businesses radically revolutionize their marketing pipeline and systems. We help them define long-term and short-term goals. We refine their segmentation, targeting, and positioning strategies. We identify and detail the persona. We develop brands. We design and run marketing campaigns for small businesses. We develop and maintain their online assets, and run online campaigns. We critically evaluate their actions and provide constructive feedback. In a nutshell, we deliver value and help our clients do the same to their customers. A definite win-win association.

Research Consultancy:

We provide valid, reliable, and actionable research assistance to small businesses. We conduct feasibility studies for businesses planning to come out with newer products, enter newer markets, or implement newer models. We bank on research to evaluate market opportunities, estimate market potential, understand competition, identify partners, prepare a layout for distribution, measure customer experience, and formulate strategies. Research helps businesses do better.

Our services help small businesses remain competitive, improve productivity, increase their footprint, increase profitability, attract and retain customers, increase sales, and accelerate their growth.