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7 Reasons Social Media Marketing Is Still Underrated

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7 Reasons Social Media Marketing Is Still Underrated

In this insightful article published in Forbes, Jayson DeMers writes that Social Media is still underrated by many businesses, and tries to find reasons behind their absence from Social Media Platforms.

DeMers identifies the following 7 reasons for the companies absence from Social Media bandwagon. They are,

  1. Many still consider Social Media as fad, which too will pass by with time.
  2. Businessmen value things for which they pay. As the Social Media is free, they undermine the value it brings into their business.
  3. They find it difficult to measure the results of Social Media campaigns.
  4. Difficulty in finding anecdotes about successful Social Media campaigns
  5. Many believe that Social Media works only for the big businesses. For many more, it doesn’t work for their business.
  6. Lack of clearly defined target market
  7. Social Media requires significant amount of time, money and effort, which the companies are not ready to invest.

According to the author, the marketers are hurting themselves by not being on Social Media, and in the process miss the benefits associated with it.

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Courtesy : Forbes

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